The Rules




Our club is composed of honorable men we like and trust.  With this premise in mind it follows that our fishing rules are on the honor system with each participating member guided by his own grace and conscience to maintain his fellow anglers respect as well as his own.  Since we wish that the sons of our sons will enjoy the sport, we urge everyone to use what you keep and release the rest for tomorrow.



All members in good standing are eligible and are urged to participate in tournaments and outing competition.  In addition, the sons of members are eligible to be recognized for club records and/or outstanding catch achievements.  Members who may be defined as charger boat captains or employees or work as fishing guides for more than half of thiir income are eligible to participate provided that none of their entries are caught while employed in a professional capacity.




The Club's boundries include the water in and adjacent to Monroe, Collier, Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, martin, Okeechobee, Glades, and Hendry Counties.  Adjacent waters may also be fished provided the angler leaves from and returns to a port within the boundaries by boat only.  Boundaries may be extended during official Club outings.




1.  The annual tournament starts with dawn on the first day of March and ends with sunset on the last day of February.  Trophies will be awarded at the annual awards dinner.  


2.  Entry cards, to be accepted must be entirely filled out and signed by the entrant, witness, and weighmaster.  No substitute signatures are allowed.  Entry cards must be turned in by the second meeting past the date of catch except to qualify for an outing prize.  In order to qualify for an outing prize the entry card must be turned in at the next meeting following the outing.  A separate witness is required for the catch and for the weight which could be the same person but not the angler.  


3. Points.  The minimum qualifying weight for a catch is 50 points.  Only the heaviest fish per line category will count for the yearly tournament.  Any number of cards may be turned in but each must be either a different specie or a different division.  Fish must be at least 200 points to qualify for Master Angler.


Release points for several fish can be totaled on a single card entry.  however,  only single species of one of kind fish is permitted per card.  It is not necessary to list the tackle division details on release point cards.


Only one specie for each tackle division will count towards the annual Tackle Division Championships.  Contestants can better their own catch in a tackle division of one kind of fish from trip to trip during the year but only the highest points earned or heaviest fish will count.  


4.  No entries will be eligible if caught while employing the professional services of a guide or charter boat.  Party or head boats are exempt from this rule.


5.  All catches must be weighed on an owner's club certified scales, I.GL.F.A. or goverment certified.  Unwanted fish may be weighed at sea for live release.  Slot limit, no take , and out of season fish, along with bonefish and Tarpon can be weighed at sea for club records.  All other fish can be weighed at sea for blue marks and points only provided they are released.  All award fish must be weighed ashore.  When weighing a fish, which exceeds the limit of one scale, two scales may be attached to one solid object with the fish hanging from each scale (in approximate equal proportions).


A club record or outing prize entry ust be weighed on any of the above mentioned certified scales.  For club record entries, the club member's scale and entry card must be submitted to the fishing committee for an accuracy check within two meetings of the date of the catch.  Line for record fish shall be tested,.  Scales will be certified by the Fishing Committee during November and May.  New member's scales or newly purchased scales may be certified at any time.


6.  New club records must exceed standing records by a prescribed amount to qualify:  under 25 pounds, 4 ounces; 25 to 50 pounds, 8 ounces; 50 to 75 pounds, 12 ounces; 75 to 100 pounds, one pound.  Fish over 100 pounds must exceed the current record by two pounds.


7.  Sons of members, to 18 years of age, are elibible to compete for club records.  The club encourages participation of sons in fishing competition but therte are no special allowances to relax any of the fishing rules.


8.  In order to qualify, a catch must be hooked, fought, and brought to gaff without illegal assistance to the angler.  No one may assist the angler by touching the rod, line, or reel until the catch is subdued and the leader connection is at the rod tip.  When the leader connection is at the rod tip any number of individuals can grab the leader and assist the angler; in addition one or more gaffers may assist the angler.


9.  Overall length of gaffs or nets may not exceed 8 feet in length when fishing from a boat.  Flying gaffs may not have line/cable more than 30 feet in length.


10.  Chumming is permitted but limited to the use of marine fish material only.  Marine or land mammals may not be used for chum.


11.  A catch is considered disqualified for entry if:

The rod breaks.  The catch is mutilated or injured during the fight so as to impair the fighting qualities of the fish.  Healed injuries do not count as impairment.   The fish is hook on more than one line.  The rod is rested on a gunwale or in a rod holder.  The rod or reel is changed while the fish is being played.  The line is spliced, removed or added to while the fish is being played.


12.  Shooting by gun or "bangstick" is prohibited with the exception of dangerous sharks.  This exception applies only when the dangerous shark is subdued and the leader connection is at the rod tip.  If the shark may be an I.G. F. A. or I.S.F.A. record this exception permitting the use of a gun or bangstick does not apply and only a gaff/tailrope may be used.


13.  The Fishing Committee will accept witnessed length and girth measurements for Tarpon.  Measurements will be taken from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail for length and around the body in front of the pectoral fins for girth.  All measurements to be in inches.  Estimated weight using this method can be used for tackle division points and tournament awards only.  The estimated weight will be computed with the following formula:


Girth x Length






The following rules apply to all pure tackle divisions.  Doubled line and liader of any strength cannot exceed the length of the rod.  If disired, metallic leader at the tippet can be used but cannot exceed 18 inches (18") and is to be included in the total maximum allowance for length of doubled line and leader.  Organic bait is prohibited.  Lure action will be imparted entirely by the angler without the aid of boat motion.


Four (4) Pound Ultra-light  Spinning



Any Spinning reel and rod is eligible.  Line cannot exceed four (4) pounds in breaking strength.


Six (6) Pound

Any reel and rod is eligible.  Line cannot exceed six (6) pounds in breaking strength.


Ten (10) Pound Spinning

Any spinning reel and rod is eligible.  Line cannot exceed ten (10) pounds in breaking strength.


Fifteen (15) Pound Fly

Rod, reel, line, and lure must be of types designed specifically for fly casting.  Only single action (1 to 1) or automatic reels are permitted.  Non-metallic leaders must be attached to the fly line and, whether level or tapered leader are used, the tippet or lure end must be at least eighteen inches (18") in length including knots. Only single hook lures are permitted.  The hook shank cannot be more than three inches (3") in length.  The rod butt must not extend more than two inches (2") below the reel seat.


Fifteen (15) Pound Plug

Level wind, rotating spool reels with a capacity of no more than 275 yards of fifteen (15) pound test line will be used exclusively.  Line cannot exceed (15) pounds in breaking strength.  The rod cannot exceed seven feet (7') in total length.  The butt, including the reel seat, may not exceed twelve inches (12") in length excluding the foregrip.  




The following rules apply to all General Tackle Divisions.  Any conventional rod, reel (without powered assistance), bait or angling method may be used.  Angling methods include trolling, or the use of kites or down riggers.  However, the use of wire or lead core line is permitted only in the General Tackle 50 pound division.  a total of thirty feet (30') of leader is permitted which can include fifteen feet (15') of doubled line and fifteen feet (15') of any leader materal.  However, a shortened leader cannot be compensated for with a lengthened double line or vice versa, i.e..,a maximum of fifteen feet of double line and a maximum of fifteen feet of any leader material.


Four (4) Pound

Line cannot exceed four (4) pounds in breaking strength.


Eight (8) Pound

Line cannot have a breaking strength of less than four (4) pounds or more than eight (8) pounds.


Twelve (12) Pound

Line cannot have a breaking strength of less than eight (8) or more than twelve (12) pounds.


Twenty (20) Pound

Line cannot have a breaking strength of less than twelve (12) or more than twenty (20) pounds.


Thirty (30) pound

Line cannot have a breaking strength of less than twenty (20) or more than thirty (30) pounds.


Line cannot have a breaking strength of less than thirty (30) or more than fifty (50) pounds.







The Board will announce a fish-of-the-month or line-of-the-month prior to each fishing year.  Highest point catch in the specie named will earn the angler award.  Points will be credited toward the annual award ijn the tackle division for the catch.



This trophy will be awarded to the high point catch of the year.



This trophy will be awarded to the member who has won at least one tackle division and and has placed exceptionally well, in the judgment of the Fishing Committee, in at least two or more other tackle divisions, one of which has to be a pure tackle division.  All entries for this prize must be a minimum o9f 200 points.    



This trophy will be awarded to the angler who has aught and entered the heaviest Snook of the year.



This award will be given to the angler who caught the heaviest Dolphin of the year.



This trophy will be awarded to the angler who has earned the highest points total for releases in the year.



This trophy will be awarded to the angler who has caught and entered the highest point total for Redfish, Permit and Bonefish.




Tackle Division trophy winners are ineligible for two consecutive awards in the same Tackle Division.  Anglers may win only one Tackle Division award.  In the event the angler is leading in points in other tackle Divisions, he will be awarded the championship for the most difficult tackle division.


Any angler may win individual awards in addition to an Annual Tackle Division champion award at the discretion and judgement of the Fishing Committee.


Tackle Division champions will be decided on the basis ot total points accmulated in each Tackle Division with serious consideration being given to the number of different species caught in that tackle division.